Top 5 Best Uses Of Lemon.

Top 5 Best Uses Of Lemon

Lemon is one of the most beneficial fruit for beauty as well as for health also. Lemon contains 5% to 6% citric acid because of this it tastes sour. Lemon is mostly used to make lemon juice or lemonade to drink and even The Pulp and zest is being used in cooking.
Lemon is also used to marinate the meat of fish. even it is used in pickles to give pickle a sour taste, as well it is very helpful in preserving the food items for some days. lemon is also used for cleaning purpose as it is very good in removing stains. The most important thing is that lemon has lots of Health and beauty benefits. 

I had just highlighted some of them so let's see what are they.

Good for digestion.
Lemon juice is very helpful in digestion you can have a lemonade after you have a meal to digest it properly, as it cleans your body properly. And it works as cleaning agent in your body.

Good for hair.
If you have a dandruff problem then you can use lemon to get rid from dandruff. Just take some pure coconut oil and add some lemon juice in it and apply it on your scalp and wash it off in the morning. it will help you in getting rid of dandruff and hair fall.

Good for weight loss.
By drinking lemon juice early in the morning on empty stomach with mixing with warm water it helps in reducing weight. And follow the same procedure for more 2 times a day it will definitely help in reducing the weight as it helps in detoxing your body.

Cures cold and flu.
As we all know that lemon contains vitamin C. But do you know it helps in curing cold and the flu yes it is it helps in curing the common cold, running nose, blocked nose, and itchy nasal passage. it also helps in getting rid of cough. for all this you just have to drink Lemon Juice with warm water and honey. you will get relief from all this disease.

Good for beauty and skin.
Due to tiredness or by not getting enough sleep you can face some problem of puffy eyes. Apply some lemon juice with cotton under eyes and then rinse  it off with cold water it will helps in reducing the puffiness of your eyes.
By applying lemon juice on acne affected area you can get rid of acne. It also useful in natural bleaching of your skin, by applying lemon juice its bleaching properties helps in lightening dark spots and marks.
By applying lemon juice on your nails your nails will become healthy. Vitamin C in lemon has a anti aging properties and helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

These are the 5 best and most important uses of lemon.