How to make money on YouTube?

Hello friends,
If all of you are thinking of making money online or start earning online then I will suggest you the one of the best website for make money online is
YouTube is one of the trusted and best source of making online income for the new and struggling user.
To start earning on YouTube the first thing you need to do is Read the terms and condition of YouTube community guidelines properly.

1)sign up in
once you successfully registered on YouTube.

2)create your new YouTube channel.
By clicking on create new channel. Once you successfully created your channel the next step you need to do is

3)upload your videos.
Make sure that the videos you are uploading on YouTube are created by your own or it may be your own content.

Note: if you upload someone else's video  on your YouTube channel then there is a possibility of getting copyright strike on your YouTube channel.
So don't put copyrighted contents like music or videos on your channel.

After uploading 5 to 6 videos on your channel the next step you need to do is enable monetization option. After enabling monetization you need to link AdSense accounts to your YouTube channel for approval. In between YouTube team will verify and examine your channel and approve your channel within 1 to 2 days if you followed the terms and conditions of the YouTube community guidelines.
After getting approval of your AdSense account turn on the monetization of your all YouTube videos. To turn on the monetization click on my channel then click on video manager now select any of your video and click on edit after clicking on edit video you will see the monetization option click on it and turn on the monetization. That's it now your videos are ready to start earning.
Share your videos to your friends on Facebook, whatsapp, Twitter, instagram or any other social networking websites to get more views to your YouTube videos.
Once your videos started getting good views, automatically your earning will increase day by day.
It is very difficult to get good views to your videos but not impossible if you work hard, if you create your own videos, if you create some unique videos which are not on YouTube before, or by following terms and conditions of the YouTube community guidelines then you can get a good views to your YouTube channel and you can make a better income through it.

How to check YouTube earnings?
To check YouTube earnings you need to login in your google AdSense account. In this account you can check your earnings of entire YouTube videos. Also you can check the page views of your channel.

How to withdraw your YouTube earnings?
The withdrawal process of YouTube earning is very simple. You don't need to withdraw your YouTube earning. Once you complete your 100 dollars of earnings Google will automatically withdraw your YouTube earnings and deposits to your bank account by EFT (electronic fund transfer). Before that you need to update your bank details perfectly. Update your correct name according to your bank passbook, correct account number, banks FISC code, branch code, branch name, bank name etc. if you completed this details perfectly Google will automatically transfer your earnings to your bank account.

So guys this is some important and basic tips for those who wants to start their carrier on YouTube.
If you have any questions then you can ask me by writing in comments box I will definitely give answer of your questions.

Thank you.