How to lose weight in healthy and safe way?

How to lose weight???

There are various reason why people want to lose weight. Here you'll get the answer and you will get the healthy and safest way to Lose your weight.

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1) Diet :-
Diet means not fasting or staying on empty stomach whole day. diet means a specific intake of nutrition for weight management or maybe any medical reasons.Neverskip animal normally people skip the breakfast to lose weight but its all waste. it is important to have your breakfast everyday.
You should wakeup early in the morning and just have one glass of warm water with lemon in it and then by 6-8am have your breakfast. And by 1 or 1:30pm should have your the evening green tea with light snacks and have your dinner at least by

2) Junk food:-
You should avoid eating outside as the food prepared in hotels and all are more spicy and oily. don't go into the habit of eating fast food daily. once in a week its ok you can treat yourself avoid drinking cold drinks as it contains more calories which is not good for your health.

3) Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:-
You should add low carb vegetables in your meals like..
Eat fresh seasonal fruits and fruits which are full of water.

*Apple cider vinegar:-
Apple cider vinegar has an acetic acid which helps in losing weight and it also fight infection.

Drink lots of water. you should drink at least 8 to 10 glass of water every day to keep your body hydrated and it also helps in losing weight.

*Green Tea:-
This is one of the best way to lose weight in green tea. it has a large amount of antioxidants which helps in losing weight you should drink at least three to four cups of green tea a day.

* Exercise/ Gym:-
And the main thing is exercise. you should do the exercise regularly it will really help you in gaining energy and balancing your weight.

*Enough sleep:-
get enough sleep. you should sleep at least 8 hours a day. and most important is your self determination to Lose your weight.